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# 10 – Teacher & Student: the ideal relationship!

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After some years of experience in the music environment and teaching, I venture to say that I have not finished decoding and learning the various situations that occur between a teacher and a student. Each person represents a completely different challenge.

Although I must admit that mentally I have been making some kind of list of ideal behaviors and situations that in my opinion, should be given in this eternal relationship and then will try to describe.



  • Someone who continually encourage the development and progress of the student, regardless of the artistic path it choose.
  • To stimulate the confidence in practice and identify the qualities of the student in order to make the task from the best possible perspective.
  • That respects the student and never laugh at their mistakes, but be critical and evaluate the things to improve.
  • To stimulate personal development without leaving aside the essentials for learning and tradition.
  • That it can have the tools to explain and focus the same subject in different ways, since the same explanation will not serve for all students.
  • Not be late or miss teach classes and if that happens, know to apologize and admit mistakes, leading to remedy the situation.
  • That can take the place of the student and understand their frustrations and anxieties in order to help. In short, a teacher once was a student, if he continues not yet to be.
  • That it can understand when is the right time to let go of a student in search of their own path or a new reference point.



  • Someone willing to test and access the lessons suggested by the teacher, without leaving aside personal concerns.
  • That study and pursue its failures to achieve its triumphs.
  • To calm the anxiety to get playing a lot, without doing the proper learning process, understanding that when you study, there are no shortcuts.
  • To respect and participate with enthusiasm the tasks the teacher assigns, without skipping any steps or exercises provided by it.
  • Do not underestimate the advices. Perhaps at that moment he fails to understand the words of his teacher, but until the right moment they remain ringing.
  • Not be late or miss teach classes and if that happens, know to apologize and admit mistakes, leading to remedy the situation.
  • That it can understand that teaching, beyond the passion and enthusiasm that teachers can demonstrate, is still a work and a source of income.


I like to refer to something that I believe very important and that often happens, especially in the private lessons. Unlike what is often thought as related to students choose their teacher by their tastes and preferences, a teacher also chooses its students for the same reasons and according to their performance as such.

In this eternal relationship I think a must from both sides of it, respect, patience and enthusiasm never can miss.

I say goodbye by commenting those who saw “Whiplash” and were delighted, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not quite near to what really is the relationship between teacher and student.

Teaching and Learning is an act of love and not the opposite!