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#17 – Play Music Must Not Hurt!

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Making Music (playing an instrument) does not have to hurt, nor generate any kind of physical annoyance, on the contrary, it is a discipline that is performed in a state of relaxation and without suffering. If there is any discomfort or pain when doing it is because something is doing wrong, from the technique to the posture there can be something to correct.


An interesting definition of technique could be the following: “the highest performance with the least physical effort”. That is why it is important to always be alert to the signals that our body sends us and, above all to be patient and constant when it comes to teaching us a new activity or challenge.


Here are some tips on details to keep in mind and correct if necessary.

1- Shoulders should always be relaxed. When for some reason we lift them, we automatically begin to feel the tension in the back, arms, reaching the hands, and thus begins to manifest as a slight pain that grows continuously. If it persists, it can cause permanent injury.


2- When playing it is not necessary to press the strings (keys or instrument you played) with more and more force to achieve more volume. This can lead to unnecessary tension in our hands resulting in permanent complications, in addition to blisters on the fingers, among other things. The solution: increase the volume of the amplifier if necessary or much better, get used to playing with less volume.


3- If we play seated, crossing the legs also generates future complications, among them, waist pain, back, legs, among others.


4- Speed is achieved over time. In this youtuber era where everyone plays fast, it is common to see musicians desperate to do it too. However, speed like other qualities of the technique is gained over time and some keys to obtain it is constant work and a lot of patience as it is a work of years.


5- Competition is not healthy. Although it does not generate physical pain, it generates them emotionally and mentally. Comparing yourself with another person or musician does not do well and is not really necessary. We are all different people and with unique and unrepeatable qualities. Our only enemy is always yourself.


These are some points to highlight in an extensive list to develop. The most important thing in my opinion, is to enjoy the learning process and all its stages since we can always do better but without pain and so continue for the rest of our lives doing and enjoying music.