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#2 – Being yourself!

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Find your voice and your artistic path!

In 2000 I had the opportunity of get in touch with the books of Hal Crook, which not only changed the way I think and learn, but my playing and how I see my instrument. Something that created a really deep impact of his books was the following sentence: “Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate, And in that order”.
As the years passed, I always stayed thinking about it and trying to understand the philosophical meaning, I had the need to write this blog, who at once serves as a kind of catharsis and try to encourage everyone who reads to go their own way (artistic).

IMITATES: everybody in one way or another we have influences. A musician, an album, a song, a solo, a book, a painting, a poem, a concept, a philosophy, everyday experiences, etc … Imitates implies discovering the deeper details of a work (situation), memorizing it, recognize the many subtleties. In music, to copy phrases, expressions, sounds, timbres, techniques, play absolutely everything you hear and more. Imitate the essence and spirit of what we think our influence.

ASSIMILATES: after imitate, decipher how and why of what we copy helps us understand the nature, codes, patterns, etc … of what influences us to use it according our criteria in any way appropriate. In music, decipher the tools with which it was created a musical passage (solo, piece, etc …) helps us to have a vocabulary with which to make music in different situations. Deciphering the codes of a genre, will allow us “speak” the same style and “talk” from a different position.

INNOVATES: after imitate and assimilate the details of your influences, the vocabulary absorbed directly or indirectly helps you find your own way (artistic, human, etc …). Something moves inside you and be true to what your feelings tells you (no matter what people say) is very important. Having a conviction to cling. Nothing is so crazy if there is a major force pushing. Build your own voice, into the unknown, into things never made up before, with the criteria and the strength of the knowledge and experience gained in the previous stages. Innovation can be translated and interpreted as being yourself, because that no person essentially resembles another, each is a completely original and spontaneous entity. You just need to discover and appreciate you, without comparing but accepting the knowledge and experience that influences contribute to your development.

AND IN THAT ORDER: we come into the world as recipient, an sponge absorbing all possible experience to shape who we are. There are no shortcuts because there is no real career, and therefore there are no winners or losers, only yourself. Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate with patience and work, enjoying every moment, every detail of the process you choose.

In my opinion all people are talented, and although the talent requires responsibility and work, always is the right time to find out yours. The roads are never specifically defined and can always be recalculated, the only important thing is to try and play with seriousness, with the joy of a child who finds a new challenge. Life is ultimately an accumulation of vast experiences leading to somewhere and in turn, to nowhere.