» » # 23 – How to Workout a Lick on the 12 Keys

# 23 – How to Workout a Lick on the 12 Keys

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In my blog post “#15 – 8 Ways to Study the 12 Keys” presented 8 different root patterns to workout the 12 keys based on different interval relationships.


An interesting way to develop them is to create exercises based on different phrases, licks or patterns and using them on the different root patterns in order to achieve greater dexterity and visualization on our instrument. It should be clarified that this type of exercise can be developed with any melody, motif, etc.


The following example is a phrase based on the cadence I / V7 / I (Cmaj7 / G7alt / Cmaj7), which will develop in the video with the different patterns for the 12 keys.


Ex: Melodic phrase developed in the video.



Until the next post.