There are such talented people whom it seems that everything goes effortlessly without extra work and a very natural way. There are also those which cost them a little more to get develop their skills and are seen as people with “less ability.”


In a certain way, natural talent awaits within each person to be discovered almost as if by chance for a situation or experience that leads us to want to learn or enjoy something in particular. Each person is a different world and therefore a different talent, which leads me to say that in fact, we all have talent and it is only necessary to discover in what situation or discipline that talent emerges and is reflected.


However, talent is not enough. Never enough. It is only a minor percentage in the development that one realizes through the effort and the constancy of the daily work, of the dedication and perseverance with which the activity that we undertake is faced.


Although to carry out an activity most of the time there are no shortcuts, the path of perseverance is not a path of suffering if not the opposite, a path of love and discovery, of dedication not to activity, but towards oneself, discovering all those corners of our being that still await to come to the light.


It is also a path of patience, of resisting the temptation of fast things. Everything comes and the fruits fall when they are prepared to do so, not before, not after. And in this age when everything seems impossible and comparisons only the only way, remember that the only “enemy” that must be overcome and conquered daily with patience and perseverance, is ourself.


Share, not compete, it makes you be the best version of yourself. Strive and overcome your own shadows, too.