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#31 – Dealing with Anxiety.

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In the current time we live gives the impression that we are all in a hurry … in a hurry to be successful, in a hurry to get everything out as fast as possible, in a hurry to show everyone that we are someone, in a hurry to be “discovered “, hurry to win and be the best, among many, many more things. But at some point we must stop and understand once and for all that anxiety really takes us to the void of not being able to concretize what we really want.

But why so much anxiety and how can we deal with it?

Every day people live with a certain amount of “social ghosts” that increase the degree of anxiety and generate constant discomfort. While I can not speak for everyone, since each person is a different world, I would like to share some of these “social ghosts” with which I have had to deal and my experience to be able to solve them in the most organic way possible.


THE AGE: the first ghost that appears is age and the belief that it is too late to do something, such as being a musician or playing an instrument.

It is never too late to realize what we love and every day are potential days to begin what we both want to do and postpone for any reason. Living in the present, day to day, is what helps us to achieve.


THE COMPARISON: when we discover an artist that changes the way we see, think and really like, we automatically want to extract everything that makes us that artist and we want to be the same. On the other hand and referring to the previous topic, comparing that “x” artist started at a certain age and we already surpassed that limit to begin, it becomes a way to go to perdition.

It is important to realize that comparisons do not make any sense and each person on the planet is different and unique, which gives real meaning to the experience of discovering who each one is and what they want from their life, rather than copying and compare the life and achievements of another person.

On this topic is interesting to see the difference between comparison and influence this post can be interesting: http://pabloelorza.com/2-being-yourself/


THE SUCCESS: is relative to each person and their way of thinking and feeling. That is, there are people who believe that being successful is being famous and having lots of money; as well as other people who believe that success is having health, work and family.

This item is relative to what everyone feels correct and it is interesting not to join the collective and social success of what is sold on TV or on social networks, if not find what is valuable in personal experience. For me, success is able to live day by day doing what I love and surrounded by people I love. Only that.


THE OPPORTUNITY: although the opportunities seem to be unique and unrepeatable, in life we will have many of them, all different and that lead us to different paths but there will be many.

The important thing, at least for me, is to feel inside that the chosen path is the correct one and in case of mistake, we can always recalculate. 🙂


THE GENIUS/ THE TALENT: the genius is relative and those whom we often see as geniuses, are people who have worked very hard to achieve that which makes them see as such.

We are all people with innate talents and hidden abilities, you just need to discover and develop them.

Be impervious to people who try to hurt and demerit is important, as well as work constantly to develop.


THE COLLECTIVE MENTALITY: The social myths and prejudices about certain activities carry a great weight when making decisions and acting in certain situations but they are all causes of the disinformation of the person(s) who like to talk about things that they do not know and that they heard somewhere and from someone who does not know who is; or worse, from TV or social networks.

The only important thing is to believe in oneself and to go ahead with the dreams and the decisions taken and above all, that in the time in which we live is very easy, to be informed and to learn from real sources.

People will always talk about what they do not know, the difference is if one listens and nods, or if one learns from people with experience.


Each one can add in the list the number of topics that affect them, as well as find the solution in the most healthy way. The key to any solution (for me !!!) is to focus, free the mind of social noise and breathe deeply, and so you can begin to listen to yourself a little more and enjoy the process (artistic, etc …) and the search that is carried out with patience, effort and constant work.

Until the next post!