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#32 – Staying Motivated!

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Boredom and excess of a routine without new challenges is the worst creative poison and unfortunately is quite common in the daily life of a musician/ artist.

The constant struggle to advance and generate new content that helps us to overcome our limits is a task that demands concentration and knowing oneself to know when is the right time to take a new leap. Holding on to something that we have been holding and that does not give any different result is just postponing and not embracing the change that will bring what we need, however it is very easy to say but rather difficult to begin to realize.


Personal experience is fundamental and over time you learn to deal with yourself, however I would like to share in this post some of the things that keep my motivation afloat.

  • New Challenges/ Goals: find a chord, a scale, a new etude to develop, a new solo or line to transcribe, a new rhythm, musical style to learn, everything that points to daily growth and with clear and real guidelines, that can be realized at the moment each one is living, are key to the motivation.


  • New Influences: discovering new artists/ bands that stimulate us keep our motivation fresh. It can also be a color/ instrument, a chord, a writer, painter, mother nature or any kind of new influence that allows us to discover new possibilities.


  • New Instruments/ Techniques: the curiosity to discover, to play and to be able to express itself through different instruments or techniques, reflects a need in me when it comes to motivation. At first it can be complex but it is interesting to think that the universal language of music (melody, harmony, rhythm) is repeated and can be used in any new instrument/ technique that we wish to develop.


  • New Bands/ Musicians/ Environments: playing with new musicians/ bands of different styles and being surrounded by creative people from diverse environments helps to discover corners of our being that we did not know existed so far.


Most of the time one loses motivation for lack of play, lack of fun and in those moments I always try to go back to the past and remember the first time I took an instrument and knew absolutely nothing at all, however I started to have fun trying do something musical with nothing. No matter what level you have or the situation you are in, the fun should never be missed.