» » #35 – Cleaning the Fretboard

#35 – Cleaning the Fretboard

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In this new post I would like to share the way in which I usually keep the cleaning of my bass fretboard before making each string change. It is a process that does not take much time and really helps to preserve the instrument along with the durability of the new strings placed.


  • Remove the strings used (Yes, to put new strings, you have to take the old strings !!!).
  • Clean the fretboard with Alcohol (common or isopropyl) using a paper towel or cotton.
  • Apply Lemon (or other) oil using a paper towel and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove the excess of oil with a clean paper towel removing any excess. The wood will be already impregnated with the oil.
  • Place the new strings in the proper manner and calibrate the instrument if necessary. This post can help you in the details: http://pabloelorza.com/4-tips-for-setting-up-your-bass/
  • Ready to play and have fun !!!


The original music that accompanies this video was composed and recorded with only 1 bass (“One Bass Orchestra”) on 40 audio tracks.