» » #6 – Exercises for Musicians!

#6 – Exercises for Musicians!

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Exercises to warm up, relax and preserve your body.

It’s no mystery that musicians of any instrument, over the years we have had at some point, some sort of physical pain or more (arms, neck, back, legs, etc …) related to the excessive demand for routine practice, repetitive positions taken and in many cases, lack of relaxation that we have in many opportunities when experience new techniques, different musical situations professionals or amateurs, long hours of rehearsals, long recording sessions, tours (sleepless on a bed!), among several different situations.

Although the physical exercise, such as playing sports helps; we can derive from disciplines such as yoga, various types of stretches and postures that help improve performance, relaxation and elasticity of our body.

The exercises presented in the video are some of a wide variety, which can be used to warm up before playing, or relax the body after a practice session, for example. However, they are demanding exercises (although not seem) and performed incorrectly can bring extra pains. Therefore it should be practiced conscientiously, with slow movements, having patient because if you never made it before, it is quite possible that the physical demand will be large (pain, lack elongation, hardness, etc …). Note that as an instrument, practice is cumulative and what does not come out the first time, with daily repetition will go more smoothly.

Another important aspect is the breath as it helps us with every exhalation, go a little further into each stretching exercise.
I hope you find in these short exercises some help and with time take care your bodies to keep playing throughout their lives.

Always remember that they are only the beginning of a wide range of exercises that exist to achieve a better balance and flexibility in our body.

For those curious books  “En Forma, Ejercicios para Músicos” by Esther Sardá Rico and “Yoga para Todos” by Indra Devi are a very good start. (I´m not pretty shure if there is an English Translate for this books but you can do a little research!)