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#8 – Magic Words!

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Words like Thanks Thank you, Please, Good Day, Your Welcome; today they appear to be magic words or a password to a secret cave where lies a millenary treasure; when in fact they should never go out of fashion.

The reality many times abstracts us and we walked into the sintony and mode of a express life routine , and in this fast food style, while before we take off the things we are doing, the better!

In this reality we often forget to thank, greet, be kind and we go through the world being abstracted entities, constipated about our fast food attitude, we do not see beyond our noses and much less appreciate the little things and support others people give us even in the smallest details.

Lately it has happened to me in some situations that I forgot to thank the people that I love and admire most, becoming that being abstracted that so much disgusts me. I must admit that I do not like to be that kind of person and to some degree, I would hate become in that.

As a miraculous font and fortunate to all human beings within the magic words are also those: Sorry, Apologies, I am very sorry, between several most that should not go out of fashion.

To err is human and apologize also should be.

Never forget these magic words, much less stop practicing them, perhaps it may take us to the real treasure of the secret cave, mankind.

This post is dedicated to Bruno Nesci, great Designer, Musician, Creative Multifaceted, wonderful human being, fellow adventurer, Co Producer of Deep Into Electric Bass Classics and all the Audio Visual part of Jardín Japonés and above all a genuine friend!

My heartfelt thanks Brother! (NJ).