#39 – Symmetric Scales

They are those that arise from the division by equal parts of the chromatic scale (temperament/ 12 notes) and in which, both ascending and descending, the form/ intervals of them are respected. There is a large amount of symmetrical scale, … Read More

#37 -5 Tips to Play Fast

Sooner or later we get the fever to play fast, most of the time without being technically / musically prepared to fight it.In this Youtuber era in which we see more and more speed, the syndrome “Fast and Furious” sticks … Read More

#34 – Melodic Minor Scale Modes

The Melodic Minor Scale is the second variation of the Minor Natural Scale (Aeolian Mode) and is created by ascending its sixth (6th) and seventh (7th) degrees. Unlike classical music, in popular music (Jazz, MPB, etc …) is used ascending … Read More

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