#21 – How to Comp a Bass Solo!

All the soloists are having fun, exploring and interacting with the band in their improvisations and suddenly that mysterious and doubtful moment arrives where no one knows what to do … The Bass solo! 🙂   The drummer suddenly stops … Read More

#20 – 5 Tips for Sight Reading.

Sight reading represents one of the skills necessary to develop for any Musician who intends to go a little further in his musical career. Although in countless working situations like concerts, recordings, auditions (Orchestras, Cruise ships, etc …), rehearsals, we … Read More

#16 – 3 Steps to Harmonic Analysis

One of the most frequent difficulties when playing a song is to understand the relationship between chords (harmony) and what to play in each situation that presents itself. Although a knowledge of Harmony and Theory is always necessary and welcome, … Read More

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