#33 – Tritone Substitute Dominants.

Continuing with the theoretical expansion and referring again to the dominant chords (those who missed it can see: #22 – 5 Types of Dominant Seventh Chords), after understanding the existence and purpose of the Primary Dominant in Major Harmony (Check out: … Read More

#32 – Mantenerse Motivado!

El aburrimiento y el exceso de una rutina sin nuevos desafíos es el peor veneno creativo y lamentablemente es bastante común en la vida diaria de una músico/ artista. La constante lucha por avanzar y generar nuevo contenido que nos … Read More

#32 – Staying Motivated!

Boredom and excess of a routine without new challenges is the worst creative poison and unfortunately is quite common in the daily life of a musician/ artist. The constant struggle to advance and generate new content that helps us to … Read More

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